First Year

One full year has passed! You've learned so much about your position, the University community and your co-workers! Take the time now to reflect on your experience and accomplishments.

Observe the milestone and look to the future

  • Review the first year; celebrate successes with recognition of contribution. Possible additional speaking points include:
    • Is the job what you expected? How or how not?
    • Are you having enough opportunity to learn and grow?
    • Are you running into any hindrances to your productivity? What are they and how do they affect you?
    • What’s the best thing that’s happened to you here this year?
    • Do you feel you have been recognized for your contributions? How do you like to be recognized?
    • What suggestions for improvements do you have?
  • Discuss career development and plans for the future
  • Identify professional development opportunities

Consider becoming a mentor or buddy