Health And Wellness

Healthy individuals make healthy workplaces.

The University of Alberta is committed to fostering a safe and healthy workplace. As a university employee, you have access a wide range of personal development and family support services designed to support you through life’s experiences.

The workplace can have a large impact on individual health. The way our work is organized and how we are recognized, supported and communicated with, all have an impact on the attitude and commitment we bring to our position. The University of Alberta offers you workplace resources and programs ready to assist you in helping to create an even healthier work and learning environment. Organizational Health and Effectiveness offers information and services for employees dealing with workplace issues or for those looking for advice on preparing for a career transition.

Active for Life

Staying active improves your quality of life! Swim, dance, cycle, climb, take a class, lead a class, keep fit, and most importantly, have fun.

As a University of Alberta employee, you have access to more than 500 diverse programs representing a wide range of recreational interests for all skill levels and abilities. The Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation strives for a warm, welcoming experience where you are encouraged to meet new people, enjoy a sense of community, and be active for life. We are committed to developing healthy, active individuals who contribute to the University and larger community either by participating in recreational activities or as employees within activity programming. At present, the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation employs more than 130 students and some 20 plus recent graduates.


Looking for a well-equipped, easily accessible fitness centre? The Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation Fitness and Lifestyle Centre offers you a range of programs to improve your overall fitness.

Open seven days a week, this spacious 850-square-metre facility accommodates up to 449 people and offers students, staff, and alumni, fitness and nutrition services as well as a variety of fitness equipment, including: free weights, resistance training machines, and an assortment of cardiovascular equipment.